Nuggety gold from quartz veins is relatively common at Mt Sholl and we once sent 27kg of quartz speciments directly to the Perth Mint for 38.3oz of gold and 5.3oz of silver.

Th Silica Hills area is well known locally for producing coarse nuggety gold from quartz veins. The soil anomaly shows a zone 1.5km long (>95th percentile) with a maximum value of 370 ppb Au with probable extensions to the northeast and southwest. The anomalous element suite of Mo and Bi is suggestive of intrusive relationships.

Initial reverse circulation and rotary air blast drilling have been negative so the source of the anomalism is yet to be identified.

Gold mineralisation was announced at the Silica Hills tenements (M47/177 and M47/288) late last year – this approximately 23km southeast of Karratha. By bulldozing and assessing costeans, we found quartz stock within Archean felsic and mafic rock – from here, we collected 27kg of quartz specimens and well, this famous quote from Executive Director Ed Mead sums it up nicely:

“The results from the work to date are outstanding. 27kg of quartz specimens were sent to the Perth Mint and produced 38.3 ounces of gold, and 5.3 ounces of silver. It is not everyday that you send samples to the Perth Mint instead of an assay laboratory.”

The Perth Mint reported gold at 86.83% and silver at 12.67%, hence the previous metal purity is 99.5%. The gold mineralisation was discovered by bulldozing some costeans and we found surface gold over a potential 1.8km strike.

Around the same time last year, we acquired a share in Shear Zone Mining to give us access to the adjacent tenements (M47/93 and M47/232) – which we call Mt Sholl. Together these four mining leases and one large exploration lease (E47/1746) will be the focus of further exploration for gold at Silica Hills. In fact, in late August 2017 we announced further costeaning and metal detecting – which has recovered 26 ounces of gold nuggets. A sample was given to the Perth Mint for assays again, this time returning 22.8oz of fine gold and 3oz of silver – with a purity of 87.63% gold, 12.27% silver for a total of 99.9% precious metal purity.

silica hills quartz


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